Cameron Christian
July 20, 2020

 Wave pools will undoubtedly change the sport of surfing forever. Although surfing man-made waves have existed for decades, these artificial aquatic ramps haven’t rivaled mother nature until recently. These wave pools produce consistent waves unbothered by natural conditions like the tide or swell. This kind of consistency is what allows for surfers like Chippa Wilson and others to practice aerials and other maneuvers so efficiently. The increase in popularity of wave pools might breed professional surfers who aren’t even from the coast! 

One thing to consider however, is that those who learn to surf in wave pools will have no knowledge of how the ocean works, with currents, big unpredictable clean up sets, and sea creatures, which could be dangerous for the wave pool warriors. Wave pools can be dangerous too, oftentimes the bottom of these pools is harder than sand and many have reported their boards to be dinged or damaged by the hard walls of the pools. Only time will tell where these wave pools take surfing, some, like Shane Beschen have even compared the creation of high tech wave pools to the addition of ski lifts to mountains (tune in), a revolution that changed the sport forever.

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